Monday, December 15, 2014

In the end...

I know not by what methods rare,
But this I know: God answers prayer.
I know not if the blessing sought
Will come in just the guise I thought.
I leave my prayer to Him alone
Whose will is wiser than my own.

- Eliza M. Hickok

I began this blog and its predecessor on November 15th 2005. Its been a long journey. Lots of ups and lots of downs. But here I am at the end of a long journey, before I commence another one, have to leave behind a mark of where I was and what I did. I hope this is useful to anybody who comes over for any information or thought they may seek. If these writings can contribute a small speck of the reader's advance, all these writings were worth it.

As I began, so will I as this ends and a new one begins, lay it all at the feet of mighty Lord, who is the light of knowledge and energy of mind itself. To him, the Ever Mighty, who wrote all these and to whom I dedicate these works as I permanently close this chapter.

I have tried and organised my blogs and writings from many places. I have merged my into I had several issues with my chart postings, which I published at Posterous, Twitpic, Twitter and Tumblr. I have uploaded the Twitpic and Posterous charts on to Tumblr platform, These charts are now only of academic interest. However, somebody seeking to know more about Fibnoacci trading may find some very good use and examples in there. 

I am keeping separate as it is, as it is something that needs to be updated for the Gann community as and when we have something good. If somebody interested wants to take co-charge of this blog, they may write to me.

If you have any questions, queries or need clarifications on any aspect of these writings or charts, I would be happy to help. Write to me at > b (dot) janardhanan (at) gmail (at) com.

So until we meet again on some pages of written words, wish you all the best.

Season's Greetings.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

The boon and curse of Indian Demographics

Talk to anybody on the street and no matter how horrible the things are currently they are sure to say India will grow into a super power sometime in future. And the core basis of all these dreams is the rick solid demographics.

First off, these demographics are just awesome! There are about 2.5 Crore new Indians added to population every year. There are 10 crore new voters in this general elections. The huge percentage of our population is below 25 years of age. And more than 50% of the population is below the age of 35. In short, we have a demographic boom. Or a great, awesome, variety.

Very soon we will have more people working for India, than anytime in past. There will be more working hands added to workforce than the count of people retiring, and therefore the pension liabilities etc can easily be paid out. India can take more risks and take more debt, if it needs to, because the population is supportive of such a measure.

However, I am not so sanguine about these demographics. Like everything, this can become rotten and become a curse, if it is not handled properly.

Demographics is a constant motion factor. If you have 400 million people under the age of 25 today, 20 years from now you will have 400 million people who are 45. It is as simple as this. Demographics, like many other factors, is not reversible and is constant.

However, what sets this apart, and acts like a curse, is that needs, requirements and aspirations of a 25 year olds are very different from the needs of 45 year olds. The needs of 25 year olds are mainly in education, entry level jobs and housing; but by the time they are 45 the requirements (you may call them responsibilities) grow manifold to encompass schooling, healthcare, stable jobs, housing, amenities, and avenues to save and prosper.

These magnifying requirements cannot be built up over night, and at the same time you have a fixed deadline of say, 20 years before you are able to complete all the societal requirements to plan, organise, develop and execute the above requirements.

Read that again, you have a mere 20 years to build all that which India was not able to build in decades. The curse of Manmohan Singh's government - a brutally lost decade - was in hijacking of these crucial, ultra critical years of building the nation to be able to be fit for its citizens.

Manmohan Singh's lost decade hence has become a curse that will haunt India but at the same time, it hugely magnifies the requirement of establishing a larger vision, plan and execution of long term development of our country - which currently only Modi is able to offer - or has any likelihood to offer.

Hence, is SUPER CRITICAL for India to stop turning its greatest of blessings into a curse, a sword hanging on the neck situation, to vote in a transformational leader like Modi and bet on his success. For, if he is not able to transform India then we are at least a decade and five years too late to handle our demographic bonanza. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Architectural Terms [Illustrated]

Architectural Terms Illustrated

On need a strong economy

Lots of things have been said but very rarely do I see someone target the root cause and explain it. Here MJ Akbar says what I have been saying for a long time now. Excerpts from his article:

When Modi talks of building a hundred new cities, they can see jobs and opportunity rise with every floor of a new township. One significant indicator of the public anger lies in a statistic: employment has grown, on an average, at only 2% in the past decade. If the rate was higher in the first five years of UPA, when the economy was faring better, then one assumes it must have sunk to less than 2% in the second UPA term. A nation that was soaring on achievement and hope has sunk into depression.
We need a national recovery mission. Only someone who has delivered can offer a credible promise of leading such a critical mission. For those on the wrong side of 30 or 40, five years is just another passage in life. For those who are 20, five years is the difference between aspiration and despair. If a young person does not find a job in these five years, he or she begins to lose that vital energy which comes from self-confidence. If the young do not power the economy then the economy will be stuck in the quagmire of idle waste. There is only one way forward. And there is, among the visible choices, only one person best suited to lift the nation out of a septic swamp. You know his name as well as I do.

I have often quoted here that Demographics if used right is a boon, else a curse. Not many people seem to realize this, even in the stock markets. But above well encapsulates the theme.

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